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The Election Department in the Auditor’s Office is responsible for every aspect of conducting an election from voter registration to the final count of the votes. This site is designed to be a resource for residents looking to learn how to vote, find their elected officials, learn about becoming a candidate, or find past or upcoming election information.

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Election Law Changes for Iowa Voters

August 29, 2021

View a list of important changes to Iowa election law passed by the 2021 Iowa legislature.



What is Voter ID?


Starting in 2019, voters must provide an ID when going to vote. Voters who do not have ID will be allowed to either cast a provisional ballot or have another registered voter attest to their identification. Learn more about provisional ballots and attesting on our Voter ID page.

There are 6 approved types of identification that may be used:

  • an Iowa Driver’s License or Non-Operator ID
  • a Voter ID issued by the Secretary of State or the Auditor’s Office
  • a current US Passport
  • a US Military ID
  • a US Veteran’s ID
  • a Tribal ID

Clinton County Voter Registration

Updated November 2, 2021
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Total Registered Voters: 33,607
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